Dual Laser Grading System that is far from Sub-grade

Complete jobs faster and within budget, with fewer rework corrections.

Reduce staking yet maintain a higher level of accuracy over conventional methods, giving you the edge over the competition.

Designed with the Contractor in Mind
As equipment technology has improved, yesterday’s limitations have become today’s opportunities. Sub-grade surface preparation has never been simpler. Our Dual Dozer will provide the proper sub-grade surface results that will reduce time, labor and operating costs, as well as play a key role in improved concrete yield, slab fitness and ultimately slab performance.
Sub-grade Surface Preperation
Has Never Been Simpler
Easy to Set Up and Operate
Our Dual independent laser controls are easy to learn and simple to use. A laser transmitter sends out a plane of light, allowing receivers to pick up and maintain the same plane on the graded surface. Our units are able to do single or dual slopes with minimal set up. Dual receivers also provide extreme accuracy over the full width of the blade.

User-Friendly Controls
Remote switch with wiring harness allows operation in auto or manual mode.

Skid Loader or Utility Tractor Mounted
Availble in 6', 7' and 8' Models